Sunday, August 01, 2010


Once upon a time , there were a Senegalese Toukouleur Princess in love
with the historical town of Saint Louis in Senegal

This was her very special weekend and she wanted to show me
the town of her ancestors, here I was on my way to Saint Louis la Belle

Woke up early saturday morning and we did what 2 women do best in front of a mirror:
talk and beautify ourselves

Madame charge:)

Beautiful gifts of nature

Of course there wouldn't be a great trip without great food..

And the gain of those damn calories ..

Barque, pirogue a symbol of St Louis

Beautiful weekend...
Madame Brouette..Saint Louisiens


Come on girl u can do it...


Have you ever seen the tango btw a crab and a dead fish?

Hey guys..I know I disappeared again...
sorry about that guys, had a lot of work, and we've been experiencing in Dakar several blackouts on a daily basis..It's hot as hell and most nights we don't have it's been quite challenging...
But anywhoo wanted to share pics I took while in Saint Louis during the wedding celebration of my friend Maimouna...
Itwas great,simple,relaxing,meaningful,and classy.
Will be back to update the blog tomorrow, I hope you all are having a wonderful summer:)

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