Sunday, December 27, 2009


Fierce hein Folly:)

Serious look of Folly

Chemise a petits pois blancs sur fond noir

Vert olive and blanco

Rather elegant this sis:)

Our guinean sista , Folly Bah-Thibault is one of the few minorities working for France 24.

France 24, is slowling but surely being a great competitor to CNN & BBC. The news are translated in French, Arabic, and English of course. They host a palette of shows focusing on world issues.

Not only do they broadcast live on TV, but they also use web technologies . If you aren't able for example to catch Folly's show on thursdays, you can view the podcasts on France 24's website.

Folly hosts in english a weekly show called " This Week in Africa" where she shares news about what's happening in Africa.
It's still a new concept therefore it's not perfect, for example early one the show was receiving criticism for focusing mainly on French speaking Africa. The network took notes and is working on expanding to other sides of Africa.

I personally caught one of the podcast and I learned a lot about what's happening in Madagascar, the state of health of the Nigerian President, the rapes in Guinea ect...interesting:)
Folly has a good diction, she presents well as well:)
Here's "this week in Africa" web page :

Djaa my Guinean sistas sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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What a present she is, wonderful young lady indeed.Botswana television airs France 24 and its so fulfilling to see this lady present, cheerrio