Saturday, December 26, 2009


Djeneba Kone as Binetou Were

Dancers from Africa

Carlou D , a senegalese artist in the role of Diallo

Djeneba Kone playing a touching Binetou Were

Some of the cast members in their beautiful costumes

These women stayed in character the whole time

Beautiful costume.I have to say that they went all out..

Nice, these men looked so awesome

Red sign of death, sign of birth

Awesome play

So much culture

Great dancers

Diallo and Bintou Were

If u can see it, please do

This young philosophy university student by the name of Awa was sitting besides me during the show. After the show I asked her how she felt about the play and she replied that she was totally in love with it. She said that this was her 2nd time attending the show, she loved it so much that she had to see it again partly due to her admiration for one of the lead actors Carlou D.

I have to say that he was really really good,even though I know his music and his image , he was so believable in the role of Diallo that I only recognized him at the end of the show.

Let's start from the begin' , L'Opera du Sahel was the idea of Netherlands Prince Claus who wanted to see an opera by African people showcasing African natural talents. The actors come from diverse countries such as Nigeria, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, Mali, Cape Verde, Mauritania, Guinea, Gambia, Burkina Fasso..I've noticed that the actors and singers all have various accents when they speak and sing.

The cast lead by newcomer Djeneba Kone has been supervised and trained by top notch professionals such as Wasis Diop, Germaine Acogny, Ze Manel,Flora Thefaine , Oumou Sy, Nawal,Koulsy Lamko and many more...with teachers like this this play cannot go wrong.
This opera is about a group of Sahel people who are tired of living on a dry land , tired of their conditions of living, hungry for something new , hungry and thirsty for Europe. The lead role is played by Malian actress and singer Djeneba Kone who was picked among many other talented artists for this huge role that will change her career forever. She said that she cried when she heard that she had the part, with this opportunity she's been able to support financially her family, travel around the word, improve her singing ability.

I really liked her voice, loved how she stayed into character the whole time, her timing was great, she played the part of a rebellious former child -soldier who against the elders recomendations wanted to brave the unknown with the baby she's carrying to settle in Europe. Carlou D in the adaptation I saw in Dakar played the role of Diallo an intimidating, opportunist warrior who lead those people to Europe. His wish is for Bintou Were to makeher the father of the child she's carrying so that he'll be granted assylum. The singing, the acting of the entire cast was amazing, the costumes by Oumou Sy were gorgeous...I truly enjoyed myself and hope that one day you guys all get to see it:)
Here's the official site:
Check a clip , HERE

Djaa we have some really talented artisted :)
Eyeee Wayee:)


Anonymous said...

Hi you have a great blog. I am an black American, according to historians there is a good chance that my ancestors came from Senegal. Well I guess I may never know, but you have beautiful pics on your blog of the beautiful people of Senegal.

Yayemarie said...

Oh cool that put on a smile on my face, it's nice to hear that your ancestors may be from senegal..:)
thank u for visiting my blog and for your kind coments..hope u get to visit senegal one day:)