Friday, August 28, 2009


Man God is Great, we are so numerous on Mama earth, through Mariem Hassan I'm discovering the struggle of the Saharawi people, their years of exile on Algerian lands, the occupation of their lands by the Spanish people, Moroccan and Mauritanian people.

To her people who are still living in refugee camps, Mariem is a sign of hope , she's the ambassador of their resilience. Through her they know that their culture will never be forgotten, their struggles indelible.

Throughout her +30 years of career, this mother of 5, sang for her people, the courageous Saharawis.

Call me ignorant but I didn't know much about their stuggle, the fact that Maroccan monarchy is still occupying their lands. The children of this community only know their lives on their camps where they go to school, eat pretty much the same type of food, they don't really know the meaning of freedom.

I honestly love her music, love her passionate and melodious voice, it makes me think of her people, it makes me wonder how they are getting through day by day..that's the power of music:)

Here's her webbie:
You can discover here on a rare interview:

To learn more about their struggle, please check the following link:

Djaa we need to honour our Saharawi people:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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