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Mildred is a young Ghanaian woman , who with the help of Samasource was able to find
a job with Rising Data Solutions.

Paul Parach a young Sudanese SAMASOURCE trainee hoping for a better future

Yes Leila Chirayath is not African but through her non profit organization she's helped young African people find work and hope. Samasource is an ONG which goal is to reduce poverty by training and offering work to young people in the poorest countries of the world such as Sudan, Uganda , Kenya and many more.

A lot of our African skilled youth want to work but can't seem to find the opportunity to apply themselves, Leila and her team of volunteers, employees select partners in those poor countries, , train them so that they can at their turn train their own staff and employees,I love that work model , it's a brilliant chain of sel sufficiency..
Samasource also outsources trained and skilled workers from those poor countries and pay them through their website and donations.

Now you may wonder a bit more about its founder, Leila is an Harvard grad with a degree in African Development studies. It's through one of her trips to Uganda where she was teaching at school that she was impressed by the talents of the youth and the poverty they were facing.
A little bit later she decided to start her program in Kenya with an initial fund of $ 35,ooo , she realized that aid given to Africa was not the answer rather giving the opportunity to people to become financially independent was a far better solution.
Today Samasource is in India, Cameroon, Pakistan, Ghana...

Apart from her very busy life of CEO of Samasource, she's also the director of Incentives for Global Health, and she also teaches boxing to young girls...busy woman:)

Also for those of you interested, Samasource offers internships to undergrads and MBA students with an interest in technology, business and social enterprise, here's their email address:

Here's a video presentation of their work:
The webbies are:

Djaa we have to support social responsible programmes:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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