Friday, August 07, 2009


Khady and I

Mais si I'm sure I have, come on the beautiful and talented Senegalese journalist with her trademark long and thin braids and the almond shaped eyes, no you don't remenber? si si the Italian/French speaking young TV and radio journalist with the sensual voice

Ok ! Ok! as we proceed to give you what you need as Mr Combs would say let me allow myself introduce her to you, people here's Khady Durala Beye:)

She's a young woman "qui en veut"as we would say in French, a fabulafricana who brings African heat through her various tv and radion shows in Montreal. You may have heard her voice on Radio Choq FM, or may have seen her hosting the tv show "Afromonde Paysage"on Canadian TV, I dig her because she grabs opportunities, she's not afraid of hard work, doesn't mind volunteering to get experience, speaks intelligently and eloquently well..:)

Khady was kind enough to want to share some of her time with me over dried lamb (I'll admit it may have been a bad day for the cook at one of my fav' spots Le Toukouleur) and delicious fondant au chocolat.
It was interesting meeting her because we only knew each other from our respective blogs, facebook pages ect:)

Khady grew up in Rome with her brothers and parents, btw 16 and 18 they moved to our lovely Dakar, there she took the time to discover our land as much as she could at that age;

At age 19 just like most of us she wanted to discover another land, another way of living and made up her mind to move to Montreal.

Today apart from Dkar Montreal is home for her, she loves the spirit of that multicultural city, enjoys meeting people, enjoys the husstle of her busy life, doing her radio shows whether in Italian, French or English. She calls herself a duralienne , duralienne is anyone in her book ,who's been living coast to coast, I'll answer to that call sista:)

Over lamb and veal the topic of cultural identity came up, the fact that after having spent a thousand or more days and nights overseas we become citizens of the world, dakar is home but that we cheat on her as well with dame World.

During dinner of course the topic of men came up, I wanted to know how did our Montreal African men compared to the ones in my hometown and the States and with Anta the only married one at the table we all agreed that Dkr lacked of good men mmmm

We shared with her sister in law the beautiful and very interesting Anta our fear for the new generation of young women , our little sisters that think that they know it all, that they have the answers to all the questions that our mothers had our big sisters have and that we face now..

We wonder if we would be able to raise our children the way our mothers did, give us the discipline and the values that are sill living by, ect...

Thank you to the both of you Khady and Anta may Allah lead you both to do greater things in your personal and professional life

Here are Khady's web adresses:
You can see her here:
Djaa les gos du Senegal sont dedans'oo:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


Amina said...

ok tout d abord je ne savais pas que tu connaissais Khady! Le monde est petit deh!!
et yow, j aurai tellement voulu etre la!!
Khady is simply amaaaaaaaaazing and mashallah elle ira tres loin!!
aaw..I wish I was there for the great conversation.
Prochaine fois inch'allah!!!

great post!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marie! Ça fé lgtps k je lis tn blog, mais je n´ai jamais laissai d coms. Juste t dire k j'apprecie enormement ton travail, tes articles sont si interessants, vrément l'afrik a du talent. Helas kan on vis en Espagne, on ne ns parle jamais de tt ça, rien k d la famine, les guerres & so on. Une fois de plus merçi bcp!! Et bonne continuation.

Khady Beye said...

So nice of you to have written such wonderful things about us. I had a great time and really hope to see you again very soon: Montreal, Dakar or anywhere we might be leading the great lives of Fabulafricanas from coast to coast.
Amina, next time you have to be there inch'Allah :)

Divalocity said...

Her blog is one of my favorites, also. You are so right about what you said about our younger sister's thinking that they know it all. So many of them have no respect,it leaves me wondering about the future.

TheDailey said...

wow that was a good one :]
shes a pretty lady!
its nice to see a black woman doing so much

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. I would like to get updated with you new posts as I love to read your blog. Add me to your mailing list if you have any.