Friday, September 01, 2006

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Aight ladies this is the utilmate brilliant/ nerd guy that u ignored in school..& who's now successful...


'CUSE ME SIR BUT WHAT IT BE : Chiwetel Ejiofor , British but Nigerian of Parents ..Nigerian point blanck ..mooo:)

'CUSE ME WHAT HE DO: Successful Actor that you've seen in great and acclaimed movies such as Amistad, 4 Brothers, Inside Man w/Denzell and many plays ..yeah the Shaeskpeare type...

Brains & Charm ..what more could you want ladizz:)


Eyee Wayee:)

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Adama Macalou- Diop said...

Yes I am back and gurl I have been hibernating big time but anywho just wanted to say nice format keep up the good work...BUT and you knew there was a but: leave the man alone if YOU yourself keep claiming a certain country whereas your parents are from where...MALI BA! So don't dish out what you can't take given that anytime we have this conversation your favorite answer being you IDENTIFY (big word here) yourself to the senegalese community and maybe he identifies with the british each its own...REMEMBER!!! I am definitely back Yaye! Miss ya and love ya!