Monday, May 25, 2009


Seems like a great documentary

Would love to see it

Let me start of by saying that reading abt the synopsis of the movies directed by Josiah Kibira I can def' feel his pride of his "Bongoland" and its "Swahili" language

Josiah experienced life in both his native Tanzania and America, reading the synopsis of his documentary called "Two Africas in America" I thought to myself he gets it, the misunderstanding btw Africans and African Americans, the ocasional rejection of African Americans towards Africans, the complex of superiority that Africans have towards African Americans.ect.....some of you reading this may relate:)

Josiah Kibira lives in the States and is by day a software testing engineer, but you know how passions are, they never let you sleep, on his spare time he directs movies

In the Bongoland Movie series , Josiah talks abt feeling of not fititng in either Africa or America after having lived in both lands, the main character Juma moves back to Tanzania after a tulmutious stay in the States, back in Bongoland even with a job and a girlfriend he still can't find peace within his self, the poverty, the lazyness of our administration and corruption he sees in his land greatly bothers him...

He shot the movie in his native land and was surprised by the warm welcome his team received...
Wishing Mr Kibira much success and not to get discouraged rather keep working harder and dreamer and maybe his dream of having a movie from his part of Africa being nominated for a top award:)

Here's the trailer for 2 Africas in America:
Here's the trailer for Bongoland:
Bongoland II
His webbie:

Djaa my brothas from Tanzanian sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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Estella♥ said...

Hi there,
I stumbled on your blog and I've got to say I love it as much as I love Dakar. I love Dakar A LOT. Cheers!