Saturday, May 02, 2009


Work it Iyadede!

This pic reminds of a Marylin M.pic

Thank you for this gift Allah and big thanks to the new readers and the loyal ones, you make doing this amazing, let's go!!:)

So exciting when I'm discovering an artist that's new to me, Sabrina Iyadede is of Rwandese heritage, she was born in Rwanda and unfort' lived part of the genocide before finding refuge in Belgium
On her blog she talks abt how she misses scents, noise from her homecountry to some level we can all relate to that in our lives...
She sang background for Zap Mama and is now unleaching all that she got through her own solo efforts, w/her diverse band she delivers a mix of punk, soul, euroasian, futuristic sound on witty lyrics..
I enjoyed listening to her and wish her a beautiful musical journey..
This graphics , color and style loving girl has an album in the works called "Talking to God"
After making research abt this talented and creative young lady I'm left with the impression that she's a sweet girl at heart who doesn't take the opportunities that God gave her for granted:)
For those of you living in NY she has a gig coming up this month on May 22nd at 10 PM at the Underscore, go support an African sista:)

Her webbie:
Experience her via video here as well:

Djaa my sistas from Rwanda sont dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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