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Jatropha Oil.... Jatropha Oil?
Jatropha oil is produced from the seeds from the Jatropha curcas which grows in tropical climates like we have in our in Afrika.

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Wich countries have started production?

Why should pick an interest in Jatropha's Oil?
It could be a great source of revenues for our African Economy. We need to take notice before we see the rise of foreign investitors in our land , I have nothing against them but it would be great for our people to produce it on our lands.
Jatropha Oil can be used as diesel and fuel for automobiles.

It can be used as domestic energy supplier.It also can be used for the prodcution of soap.

It can be used to employ poor women in rural areas thus giving them an activity to do as well.

It can be used to fight soil erosion.

Jatropha Seeds are good for constipation.

Socially, the production of jatrophia oil can also help fight gender discrimination, giving equal rights to men and women to have a job. I read a cute story abt a group of women in Mali that werent given land by their men to grow plants ect a non profit organization came to these women rescue and started with them the production of soap based on jatrophia oil.

This presentation bellow on the production of jatropha in Africa was very helpful, matter of fact all you want to know abt it is in there:

Djaa we need to know wuzz upp with our continent:)
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