Saturday, April 18, 2009


My Fabulafricana ladies from France aint playing either

This chick is "discusting" the new word for fierce according to Tyra, I keep people I keep up lol
You know when I know that you are a blog star, when ur blog stands out in my mind
She's from Guinea and evolves in France, she says everything on her mind and put her pictures take that, she aint scared, what? lol Love it
She is serious but doesnt take herself too seriously, want a proof the name of her blog:
The life of a Little Conasse, check your dictionary for the meaning of the word
I love her blog because it's funny, it's easy to read, she has interesting stories and ways to express herself....She's a blog star in my book, it's in French unfort' for some of you but she has fierce pics of herself for my fashionistas:)
Check her out: it's also on the right side under Guinea but I had to big it up:)

Djaa my gos de Guinee sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

1 comment:

connasseee said...

Thank you girl!!! ça m'a vraiment touchée ce clin d'oeil!!! proud to be Panafricana!!!