Thursday, April 16, 2009


Akinka Design

Sun Goddess


Ankre Design

Gisela B Design

Mushe Design

Peridot and Ruby

Sirel Ebene

Sakina Design

Zenka Design

Maatano Design

Liz Ugombo Design

Korto Momolu Design

June Shop Design
Nkwo O.Design

Green symbolises nature and life
Green like the savanes of our continent
Green is Harmony
Green vegies are good for you
Green is the symbol of hope
Green is prosperity
Islam's tradional color is green
Christmas Season is green
Many African countries,
have green on their flags
Living green is good for the environment
Green Apples are always a great snack

Green it was:)
Eyee Wayee:)

PS: I've featured most of these designers, so you can look through my archives for more info on them...



yankeenaijababe said...

Going green is the way to go, am a green chic all the way...very lovely fashion blog.

soukho said...

I love Toccara's dress, I remember watching RIP the Runway and as soon as she came out I fall in love with the dress, Korto Momolu is good. Go Green

hijabee said...

Go green.I totally love the Sun Goddess and Sakina Design ones. I could see myself wearing those.

*Diane* said...


Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Superbe post - j'adore le vert sous toutes ses formes..!!!!
Go Green to save our planet - Earth Day tomorrow..!

Anonymous said...

Love the variety in this post! Great blog!

natty said...

hum, il y a de quoi s'inspirer hein ... demain je vais voir alfadio :)

Shiko said...

I couldn't find any website for a lot of the mentioned designers like June Shop design. Do you have any more info on how they can be found/contacted?