Monday, August 04, 2008


Feelin it!! really nice to the ears , got me bumpin the heads and snapping my fingers, if you are into really soulful music a la Ali Farka Toure , you will def' like what this brotha from Cameroun has to say.....

He was born and raised in Cameroun where he caught the "music bug"he remenbers jamming after school with his friends in his former neigherbood. His love affair with blues kinda sorta happened, he was introduced to it while he listened to John Lee Hooker..that was it he was in love.

He started by playing as a bassist in local bands ect, today his career has him living btw Europe , Afirika and Asia. He's a favorite among jazz festival fans, he's been invited to the creme of the crop of all jazz festivals; the Montreal Jazz festival, the Chicago Jazz Festival.....

People are always surprised at how he manages to mix african rythm and lyrics to tradional blues....It's also important to talk abt the 2 fabulous musicians that are part of the Roland Tchakounte experience; Mick Ravassat at the guitar and Mathias Bernheim at the Roland said they are two essential factors in the beautiful music he plays.

Roland's latest album is called Waka and he calls it the "most finished albun" he's made as of today....anywhoo I really like his music hope you get to appreciate it too....

Here's his official webbie:

Djaa my brothas from Cameroun sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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