Sunday, August 03, 2008


I love his mosaic work!
Women's Day!
A closer view of the piece noted above!


As I always say, there are so many "great "African people out there who are doing their thang that we need to honor, among them meet Michael or Yeggy as he's fondly called.
Yeggy was born in Adis Abeba Ethiopia where he attended the Adis Abeba Art school before moving to Kenya when the war started. He's known for being a cultural ambassador of East African Art but also for being a leader in the community with his campaign against AIDS.

In fact, he gave back to his country by organizing in Eritrea the very first
"Artists Against Aids" campaign in Eretria. I think sometimes we don't give enough credit to artists, we don't give enough credit to these people who use their imagination to express our pain, happiness, our cries for help ect....
Yeggy seems so laid back and humble despite the fact that his art work is part of every day life in Seattle , if u live or ever visit stop by the Children's Museum you are sure to see some of his mosaic work.

He also had the great honor of having his work exhibited at the UN, he designed billboard ads for the San Diego zoo,ect...

I notice that he's really big on linking the arts and children , and he's absolutely right education starts at a young age. Yeggy does painting , ceramic, mosaic, book illustrations commission work.On top of that he also teaches middle and high school students through the Arts Corp program.

As you can imagine throughout his career he's received well deserving acolades, and is defenelty represing Eritrea in a positive light.

Here's his official webbie:

Djaa my brothas from Eritrea sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Ebony Intuition said...

Beautiful work

Anonymous said...

I have always admired Yeggy's art work, and i own few. Yeggy does his work from the heart, and that is why his paintings are so powerful and relevant to many people's lives in so many ways. Yeggy certainly has a unique way of connecting with people of different cultures, ages, and experiences.