Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I found this really good artice in AM Afrique Magazine about the fact that we as African Consumer

don't invest much in our own writters..or publishers..

We tend to read foreign litterature ..I have to agree on that statement and say that I'm 1 of

those people..being that i live abroad I guess it's much easier to find American or European


Anywhoo..I think there's a need for better marketting .. a need to maybe repackage the

books, or have them adverstised a bit more eiter at schools, coffee shops, tv, movies...

whatever..there's def' a need for it...What y'all think?

Version Frenchie

Je pense qu'il faudrai peut etre faire 1 meilleure campagne /marketing sur les auteurs Africains

contemporains..de maniere a inciter la jeunesse a lire un peu plus...

Vos opinions??

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