Friday, January 02, 2009


Happy New Year to all of you guys..thank you for being apart of this blogging experience in 2008..hope you'll stick around this year..:)
Hope we'll discover together beautiful African talents,hope we'll stay encouraged to be more than we even thought we could be:)

A couple of beautiful talented African artists graciously shared with us, what they've learned about 2008 and what they hope to achieve in 2009...
Hope it will encourage you guys in your 2009 plans:)
2009 let's go....

Sera Lubowa, Ugandan Model and Entertainer
In 2008 what was your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishement in 2008 was being signed to Enterprise Management as a Model / Singer. I felt that it was about time someone saw the difference in me and the fact that they signed me to be ME is a great blessing! I actually DONT have any regrets, This was a year of tests and I feel like I passed them all.

In 2008 which African event that happened that will stay marked in your memory?
The death of my beloved Miriam Makeba. Since I was a baby I was listening to her music and watching her performances. She is one of the reasons why I'm an entertainer and activist.

What are your goals for 2009?
Goal #1 is to take over the music/modeling Industry. I can feel it! Although 2008 was a good year for me, you aint see nothing yet :-)

Okou fusion band w/lead singer Tatiana from Ivory Coast and guitarist Gilbert with Egyptian roots

In 2008,our biggest accomplishment was to get our project signed and hopefully be able to make our first album.. our biggest regret would be the loss of loved ones and not being able to say goodbye.. The events that marked us the most were the death of Myriam Makeba and Obama winning presidency in the States..Our goal in 2009 is spreading a little love through our music,a little more peace of mind,stability..

Fa Dione Sarakhole Malian singer

L'election d'Obama a changé mon regard sur beaucoup de choses. Ma résolution pour 2009, c'est de n'écouter que mon coeur.Rîen n'est impossible si on le désire vraiment.Pour moi c'est la plus grande avancée de l'année. Pas seulement au niveau africain mais au niveau mondial. ALors pour 2009, tout est possible pour nous. Réalisons avec encore plus de force nos rêves. Tout paie un jour..

Musa Okwongo, Ugandan Poet

In 2008 what was your biggest accomplishment?

No regrets at all...biggest accomplishment was performing a poem on climate change at an environmental conference in Sweden. The poem really caught the mood, and I've never been part of something like that before.

In 2008 which one African person or African event that happened that will stay marked in your memory?
Obama's election. Simple as that - just an astonishing result. Because it gave all of us who have come from different backgrounds a belief that we could do anything.

What are your goals for 2009?What would you like to accomplish?
Stay happy and healthy. Keep pouring love into my friendships and my creativity. And the rest will take care of itself.

Thank you for sharing!!!
Let's make 2009 a beautiful year...


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