Sunday, September 14, 2008


She's quite something, this Nzinga Blaque gal:)

"Thank you Allah for this gift"

Nzinga is just full of positive energy, she was born Christine Nzinga Blaque in Maryland but has lived in so many different places ,easily explained by the fact that her father evolves in politics , he actually was elected Prime Minister in her home country ;Sierra Leone.

She speaks fluent japanese because she's lived there for a very long time, she also had the chance to live in Kenya and experience the culture.
She's by training an actress, she also does "voice over", she also played in the HBO Series The Barbershop, had a small part in Fridays, and is currently a TV host on "Current TV Network" ..I wanted to get more familiar with her so I followed her through some interviews she conducted, she seems bubly, positive, confident...but I'm really left with the impression of a young lady who doesn't take herself too seriously and who's working hard at building a go girl.

Here's her profile on"Current TV" (click on current tv)
You can see her in action here

Djaa my sisters from Sierra Leone are doing their thang:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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