Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ajuma Nasenaya The Kenyan Model Princess

Must be nice to be 22 years and to have the "couture world" embrace u...
Thus is the life of Miss "beautiful ebene skin " Ajuma Nansenaya , Kenyan Hereiss a proud member of the Fahshion hizzy "Ford Models".

But people..my people..... Is that really suprising ??? ... come on now with her
beautiful sulky lips, her lean yet muscular frame , her 5 ft 10 self...and a victory at the
Miss Nairobi in 2003 where she was noticed by a prominent scout for Ford...
(Must be trully fierce, 2 not be afraid of ugying urself for a shoot)

The Fashion World is Trully Hers...Kenyan Style:)

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