Sunday, January 03, 2010


Once upon a time, there were 2 Senegalese young women
On the left Dior Youga Ndao and on the right Maimouna Fall
this is their story:)

Dior is of Wolloff ethnicity
Maimouna is of Fulani ethnicity

Goree was indeed welcoming us

Mai lived in DC during her college years

The both believe in minding their own businesses, they're not into gossip and
both wish there would be more solidarity between women

One of Mai's beauty secret is shea butter,
she loves pampering her hair with this African natural ressource

They both are proud Muslimah women

They both wish that Senegalese women woud be natural
in the way they use make up, do their hair ect..

Wasis Diop is one of Mai's fav' artist
Another one of my fav'
I love the yellowish background
that picks up the beautiful colors of Dior's outfit

Did you see this gal? Yes gal....he's a thioff lol

Mai is wearing a top by Tima Couture
and the pagne is by Amayel

If it wasn't for God we wouldn't be here

Therefore Thanking God is a must

This lady was so gangsta lol..
I loved her
This is a typical stand where they sell fruits, nuts ect

Both ladies are dressed by Amayel
I love how they seem to walk towards the water

Dior & Mai at the Goree Museum, if you do get a chance to visit Goree make sure to stop by,
you'll learn a great deal about Senegalese history

Mai looks so graceful, pointed toe and all lol

Mai is dressed by Tima Couture, while Dior is dressed by Thiouba Thiam
Dior is so pretty in this Amayel ensemble

Mai in Amayel Design
Mai checking out painting inside the museum

Lol where are y'all going?

Mai has been wearing her hair natural for almost 2 years now

One of my fav' thing abt Dior is her generosity..

They both are down to earth young women

Mai is a hard worker,
she believes in working hard to reach her goals

Dior is one the biggest Youssou Ndour's fans in the world

Mai in real life is into jazz music

One of both ladies fav' restaurant in Dkar is Le Toukouleur

Tourists on the island were crazy for Mai

Proud of what our mamas gave us

Fabulafricana woman ..period
Another one of my fav' pics of the bunch

There's such a sense of feminity to Mai

Dior sitting pretty in a dress by Aladji Cisse
The futur is right in front of you

Beautiful face
Outfit by Amayel

Mai looks so beautiful in this saumon anongo by Thiouba Thiam

This is one my fav' pic..I love everything about it

Je te tiens, tu me tiens...
I love that Dior is a confident woman
Mai is like a beautiful feline on top this historical ancient canon

Knocking on the door..

On the streets of Goree , Dior is admiring paintings
by local painters

La Vie est Belle
Beautiful smiles

The blue of the water compliments the lovely
pastel colors of the Amayel outfit Dior is wearing
What Mai & Dior are carrying in her hands
is called in wolloff" eupoukaye"

Maimouna Fall & Diour Youga Ndao..
two beautiful amazing Senegalese young women representing Senegalese women. I choose to shoot both these ladies at the same time, because to me they represent the diversity of Senegalese beauty. One is blessed with gorgeous dark skin& beautiful curves while the other is blessed with brown skin and a beautiful shape. Mai and Dior represent two different ethnic groups, Maimouna is fulani while Dior is wolloff.

They both love their land , speak wolloff & french perfectly . It was interesting interviewing them because they are two strong women with two different upbringings and life experiences. Through this fashion shoot with Amayel Design , Tima Couture Thiouba Thiaw & Aladji Cisse..I wanted to show the beauty of a Senegalese woman & senegalese fashion.

I would like to thank Ama Wane-Lanse of Amayel Design for allowing me to dress these 2 gorgeous fabulafricanas, diarama sista:)
Let's goooo

1- In each other how do you see the senegalese woman reflected?
Mai: In Dior I see the Senegalese woman reflected with her beautiful ebene complexion that we are known for,. We Senegalese women are also known for our beautiful curves. In her I see the "terranga" the typical Senegalese hospitality that we are also known for.
Dior: In Mai I see the beauty of Senegalese women. I see it through the graceful way she moves . I also see a strong and ambitious woman who's trying to fight for her goals.

2- How do u manage balancing our tradition and modernity?

Dior: Contrary to Mai I didn't travel abroad therefore I don't have the western influence so much however I don't regret. I am proud of the tradional values I was given....
Mai: I had a modern upbringing , I lived in Dakar lived in the States, therefore a result of those experiences. I don't think about balancing both I am just who I am.

3- How do you view the position of women in marriage?

Mai: I don't believe in feminism, for me there shouldn't be a question of equality between a man and woman because we're not equal. We mutually respect each other, I'm a professional communication director in a bank in Dakar, I can financially take care of myself, but when I get married my husband will be the leader of my family, and I'm aight with that.
Dior: I totally agree with Mai, I also think that there shouldn't be a question of equality between men and women, I also am a professional working in accounting. I work , I take care of myself but when I'll have a husband , I'll be more than happy to let him lead.

4- What is being "mok potch " for you?

Mai: lol being mok potch is knowing how to take care of your man, it's everyday it's not just being able to wear sexy lingerie, it's being attentive to your man. For example if your man is watching tv and seems tired why not bring him some tea or something like that. It's not being weak to me it's actually a joy to be able take care of your man, every woman should be happy to be able to do so. It's also lettting your man think that he leads while you are the one in the driver seat lol.
Dior: Absolutely lol, totally agree being "mok potch" is important, not letting yourself go, taking care of yourself, being there with a lot of sweetness towards your man is essential if you want your relationship to work.

5- How important is cooking and putting thiouraye in your house?
Mai: Cooking is not only 1 thing I enjoy doing, but it's also important to keep your man lol... Senegalese men love eating..... Thiouraye is also a part of taking care of your house, making your house smell good it's a plus.
Dior: I agree with her , a woman needs to know how to take care of your house that's part of the things we've learned from our mothers. Besided who would want to come back to a dirty house and nasty food everyday...

6-How important is spirituality for you?
Dior: I'm a Muslim, I pray 5 times a day and fast two days a week. My faith means everything to me, it helps me be strong it helps me stay serene and happy without it I don't know where I'll be.
Mai: Faith is important to me, to me it's a personal relationship between one and God. I practice my faith of course I have days days on and off but I truly believe in God.

7- How do you feel about yourself?
Mai: I love who I am and wouldn't change a thing, I'm totally comfortable within myself. I'm human so some days I may feel myself a bit less but in general I'm totally fine with what Gold blessed me with.
Dior: Same here, I wouldn't change a thing, I love my curves, I may not be perfect but that's totally fine with me.

Thank you ladies for a beautiful day , it was one of the best experiences I've had regarding "fabulabricana". Sharing laughters and your girly moments was just a blast. I thank you for embracing one another , being respectful and helpful towards each other. This was a first for me, and I would like to thank Amayel once again, diarama:)

Djaaa les gos du Senegal sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Divalocity said...

They are both beautiful women. The clothes are gorgeous. Mai looks so much like my sister that it's unreal!

Anna Renee said...

Hi Yayemarie! What a beautiful collage of these Senegal sisters! Yes Senegalese women are very beautiful and curvy! You know, ALL black women globally are beautiful and curvy--what true black man can resist? The clothes are gorgeous, and the different settings are too! Do you believe that a beauty renaissance is taking place among black women of all ethnicities? I do, and it's thanks to the blogosphere! More and more black women are going natural! I would love to see statistics on this--like we always see statistics on how many of us are in poverty, or whatever other negative thing!!
Mok Potch!! If more women would grab ahold of this concept and put it into practice!! I heard it put this way once: If the men are the head, then the women are the neck that turns the head!!! Ha ha ha! We have power with our man but God gave it to us in a very specific way! We have to follow His way or your man will never be satisfied!!
Thanks so much Yayemarie for this wonderful post!!

natty said...

I just love it !!!!!! the are gorgeous !!!!
sista, would u mind sharing this with ? :)

Hijabee said...

Hello Yaye,
How are you? Happy New Year and I love this piece of yours. The pictures are beautiful and the interview was a pleasure to read.

Mimi said...

Nice entry. I love how you portrayed these beautiful ladies (I am guessing it was not hard are they seem to be true Fabulafricanas :-).
Thumbs up to Amayel who is doing an amazing work!

Keep doing what you are doing sista, cos' it is inspiring.

Olivia said...

Beautiful women, absolutely beautiful! Yayemarie thank for sharing & the interview was great. The beauty of the clothes & the photos are breathtaking :-)

Naylaah said...

Beautiful pics, it reminds me so much about my last trip in motherland! Lucky you

Anonymous said...

Nice post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.