Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I love this piece..nice colors

Love the originality of the modern shirt/dress /the loincloth

A lady simply


As time goes by, I am realizing how fierce women in their thirties are nowadays, not afraid to mix modernism, "pagne (loincloth)" and a sensible touch of modernism, not afraid to say
"I am proud to wear loincloth but not afraid to funky it up as well...and I love it..

It's about time that women such as Ama start incorporating new things here in there in our sense of fashion. Ama is a logistic engineer,1 wife, a mother, a woman with ideas.

She doesn't describe herself as a designer rather a woman who has a beautiful instinct for fashion that she offers through her fashion house called Amayel.
She offers through her collection "Fasso Dan Fini" , which showcases funky while still classy items of clothing that any Fabulafricana woman can wear to work, on a date, to charm her hubby or boyfriend while still staying modest ..yeah maybe that's what I like about this line.
The other cool thing is that every piece is customized to the client's desires, meaning the piece are unique... don't u hate wearing the same outfit as somebody else...and take this for those of u living in Dakar, the Brand Amayel will send an experience tailor to your house if interested..
Here's the webbie , enjoy:

Djaa Senegalese women never cease to amaze me with their talents:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Anonymous said...

I am proud of you sis!

dede A.

amayelsnotes said...

Right when I was about to post about her! I wore one of her creations on my nephew's baptism a couple of weeks ago and got sooo many compliments. i've promised about 10 poeaple to give it to them (yeah, like that's gonna happen).
All I have to say is, the fintion and detailing was excellent and the colors were superb. Mine was the last model you have featured on your blog but with different coolors. I LOVED IT!

KUDDOS to Ama!